Balancing Health and Fitness with Work and Life Balance – Step 2: Support System

Balancing Health and Fitness with Work and Life Balance – Step 2: Support System

Step 1 to balancing health/fitness with work and life is inspiration, Step 2 is finding the right support system. Support systems come in all shapes and sizes, but as long as you have something or someone to turn to when you’re ready to give up, that’s all you need. In the previous post, I posted […]

Balancing Health and Fitness with Work and Life Balance – Step 1: Inspiration

Balancing Health and Fitness with Work and Life - Step 1: Inspiration

Balancing health and fitness with work and life is as important as drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. But how many of us actually drink that much water? How many of us keep ourselves in check when we don’t? Same goes for including fitness as an active ingredient to a happy and successful […]

How to Build a Brand Fantasy – Guide for Digital Marketers

Brand Fantasy - Brand Strategy for Digital Marketers

We’ve been discussing neuromarketing and the impacts this has on branding, digital marketing, and consumers. To win and stay ahead of competition, balancing the importance of unconscious and conscious marketing is vital – sure, it’s difficult and sometimes abstract, but it’s absolutely needed for a full 360 degree view of who your customer is. Daryl […]

Neuromarketing Creates the Perfect Brand Fantasy

Brand Fantasy - Neuromarketing

As Marketers, we’re always focused on our brand perception, brand aspiration, brand positioning, and brand image, but is that enough to win? How do you ensure you will have the edge against competition? Well, Neuromarketing brings us closer to the answer:  build a brand fantasy. This takes the concept of aspirational to an even higher […]

Movin’ on up in Digital Marketing – March 27, 2017

Digital Marketing Promotions

The Digital Marketing industry is hot! Many professionals on the move, getting promoted, and taking on new responsibilities. This series highlights those individuals for their outstanding leadership. For years, Jeremiah Owyang kept a similar list for Social Business – I’ll keep it going for Digital Marketing. Key roles include (but not limited to): Digital Marketing, […]

Steps for a Successful Online Website Redesign – The 4 Ds

Steps for a Successful Website Redesign Project

Back in 2008 (9 years ago!), I wrote about the steps for a “Successful Project and Product Launch” and to this day, I still follow them. The 4Ds have stuck with me through thick and thin and are bullet proof. I’ve used this model with different projects – small and large – and have perfected […]

Humanizing Digital Marketing with Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing and Humanizing Digital Marketing

“Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.” – Stanley Marcus, former President of Neiman Marcus More and more as we look into how we market to consumers today and how to become better Digital Marketers, we overlook that we’re all the same. We share the same ancestral path and our brains have all evolved the same […]

The Unconscious Myths Of Digital Marketing

Unconscious Myths of Digital Marketing

The quest to change Digital Marketing continues with Douglas Van Praet’s “Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (And Inspire) Marketing” and after an interesting, yet controversial, introduction, we’re getting more into the beef of Neuroscience and how unconscious/conscious consumer decisions affect brands, sales, and Digital Marketing. “In each of us there is another whom we don’t […]

The Power of Neuroscience in Digital Marketing

Neuroscience and Digital Marketing

As Digital Marketers, we’re often focused on predictions:  What’s are the newest trends for the year? Where’s the market moving? Where should we focus our marketing spend? Maybe we, as Digital Marketers, should be focused on something deeper:  Why do we choose one brand over another? How do people make buying decisions? What motivates us […]

Digital Marketing at It’s Best – Top Trends for 2017

With Digital ad spend finally ready to take over TV ad spend this year, the spotlight is on for digital marketers. In today’s digital world, consumers are getting smarter at a faster rate than most corporations. Digital devices, especially mobile, make information available at customer finger tips whenever and wherever they are – digital marketing is more […]