Chris Salazar

Senior Marketing Executive

Innovative marketing executive with a 15+ year proven track record of driving market expansion, increasing revenue, and elevating market awareness for enterprise and small companies. Successful marketing leader who translates strategy into tangible results across eCommerce, demand generation, customer acquisition, engagement, retention, web, brand, PR, digital, and thought leadership. Highly accomplished at leading transformational change, increasing customer share of wallet, and managing high-performing teams of 45+ to increase the bottom line.

Marketing Expertise & Leadership

The Marketing Strategy & Digital Innovation Portfolio

Executing a strong Marketing Strategy is the foundation of leading a strong brand, building a customer base, keeping customers happy, and maintaining a long-standing relationship that lasts for generations - imagine a customer lifetime value that lasts for decades.

  • Strategic Partner to Executive Team (CFO, CMO, COO)
  • Digital Marketing (UI, UX, content, brand, web, email, in-app, sms)
  • Install Base / Account Based Marketing (New Account Acquisition and Customer Cross-sell)
  • Partner Channel Marketing, International Marketing
  • Marketing Operations and Analytics (a/b multivariate testing and optimization, Adobe, Google Analytics, Optimizely)
  • Digital Marketing (UI, UX, content, brand, web, email, in-app, sms)
  • Go-to-Market Strategy & Planning, Global Integrated Marketing Campaigns (paid, organic, thought leadership)
  • Growth Marketing for SaaS / Services, Digital Demand Creation Programs (Social, Paid, SEM, SEO)
  • Thought Leadership Programs (Influencer Marketing, Social, PR, Community, Blog)
  • CRM and Lead Generation (Salesforce, Eloqua)
Recipe for Global Success

Executive Marketing Strategy

Executive Corner

Latest in Strategic Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Global Innovation

Health & Fitness | Modern Wellbeing, World & Life Changing Events

Living Through COVID-19 Coronavirus | Week 1

At this very moment, remember where you are. Not for the “shelter at home” or “stay at home” mandates, but listen to the world…we’re all beating to the same drum. One world.

Health & Fitness | Modern Wellbeing

Balancing Health and Fitness with Work and Life Balance – Step 1: Inspiration

Balancing health and fitness with work and life is as important as drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. But how many of us actually drink that much water? How many of us keep ourselves in check when we don’t? Same goes for including fitness as an active ingredient to a happy and successful work-life balance.

Brand Strategy

How to Build a Brand Fantasy – Guide for Digital Marketers

To win and stay ahead of competition, balancing the importance of unconscious and conscious marketing is vital – sure, it’s difficult and sometimes abstract, but it’s absolutely needed for a full 360 degree view of who your customer is.

Web Strategy

Steps for a Successful Online Website Redesign – The 4 Ds

The 4Ds (Define, Design, Develop, Deploy) can be adapted to anything…a project, website redesign, goal setting, anything really.


Humanizing Digital Marketing with Neuromarketing

"Consumers are statistics. Customers are people." Neuromarketing helps bring together science with Digital Marketing to bridge the gap between creating campaigns that are “cool” and “useful.”