Users vs Consumers – Who’s in, Who’s out?

Today’s life of constant give and take redefines the “user/consumer” role in business. Think about how business in general has evolved–several hundreds of years ago, it was the job of the engineers/managers to decide what is made. Slowly, the “market” decided how businesses work. But that’s not enough. Within every market, there’s individual micro-communities with […]

Social 2.0 and How to utilize it’s full potential in Business

Social media, or Social Business has really been on my mind lately. Not because its a hot topic now-a-days, or because its buzzy…but I don’t feel like Businesses (overall) are really benefiting for the “social” side. Don’t get me wrong, becoming a social business can help, but it takes more work than just launching a […]

The 4 C’s of Blogging…what really matters

I just finished reading an interesting blog post about what matters most to bloggers by Darren Rowse, and I can’t help but put my own two cents. Keep in mind though, some of the topics might overlap (note: ive only read the bold bullet points, I have not read his full explanation yet, I want […]

Who can be a Community Evangelist?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a great mentor, Jeremiah Owyang, who really set a good foundation for me both my career and with community marketing. Although I’ve been out of the Community Marketing circle for a while, it’s still on my mind. Yet, since Community Marketing is such a dynamic place to be in, […]

Blogs are really a REALITY CHECK for Corporations

I don't know about you, but when I hear someone talk about how much money corporations are making, I tend to think of the agressive, fast talker agency that is trying desparately to get $$ from you. They conceivable make a product/service sound the BEST, when sometimes thats not the case. Do not get me […]

Why blogs are like diaries, NOT books

I have been thinking a lot about if blogs should be used to make money or not. Now, before I continue, I know that many people may have blogs and indirectly making money.  This is fine, but I have a problem with those who are running a blog, have Google Ads, and using their blog […]

Your Guide to a Well Balanced Blog: Shish Kabob

Jeremiah Owyang posted a rather unique entry on his blog discussing how writing in the style of a shish kabob provides a service to readers. Ah ha! Finally something I can relate too…yet another food analogy. Throughout grade school I remember always being taught the "hamburger" essay. You have the buns (opening and closing paragraphs), […]

Quality in Corporate America: who’s paying attention?

I’ve noticed a lot of advertisements and online banners bragging about their quality. “Our products are top quality,” “We pride ourselves in creating quality products for you.” So this got me thinking about what exactly is quality and how can corporations use “quality” and set the industry standard. So what is quality? Quality means pleasing […]

The 10 Commitments of an Exemplary Blog

In my last post, The 5 Practices of an Exemplary Blog, I introduced some practices that can be used to run a successful blog. However, that is NOT enough, a publisher must remain committed and strive to be better. So to help with this, I am introducing another set of guidelines that can be used […]

The 5 Practices of an Exemplary Blog

I recently attended a presentation by the Dean of the Business school at Santa Clara University, Barry Posner, and he introduced 5 simple leadership practices students can use to be successful. However, I believe these practices are universal and I am going to apply them to leading a successful blog like Scobleizer and Web Strategy […]