Living Through COVID-19 Coronavirus | Week 3

Living Through COVID-19 Coronavirus | Week 3

Week 1, 2, and 3 are in the books. Time is flying on by. First week or so, it was all about getting in a groove, 2nd week it was finding my routine, and 3rd week is all about normalcy. Grateful for each day and the memories we’re creating.

Binge watching, what a beautiful thing! From a virtual work happy hour, we found out about Tiger King on NETFLIX and decided to binge on. Holy moly! What a crazy, twist turning story. Over the course of the week, Tiger King became the topic of almost every conversation – work, friends, family. So many questions left unanswered…maybe there will be a sequel. LOL!

Getting to know your delivery guys” post on Reddit, pretty much sums up one of the burning questions we all have:

I’ve never been so thankful for our streaming services and the rest of our essentials. Aside from food, we’ve put a microscope on what’s essential to our lives – not surprisingly, but surprisingly (I know that doesn’t make sense)…wifi is extremely essential. Imagine if you didn’t have wifi during shelter at home? Yikes, that’s end of the world stuff right there. 🙂

On the real, the adjustment is uncomfortable, but not painful. I’m seeing and hearing a lot of friends using this time as a way to connect more with family and friends, check stuff off their bucket list (recipes, learn a new language), and get some of those chores done. We’ve got a lot done, and it feels great!

What’s changed in my life?

  • News outlet distancing – I’ve been doing my best to keep my mind strong and staying off of news outlets to distract myself from all of the data. I’m aware that some exaggerate the truth and it creates anxiety; I’m not oblivious to what’s going on, but also not letting it control my days.
  • TikTok – I made the plunge and downloaded the app. What the heck, why is it so addicting? Lol. Super entertaining to say the least. Next step, me and Blanca create our own TikTok clips. hahaha!
  • Family & Friend time – This week, we had a virtual dinner with my mom, sister, and niece. We ate, talked, laughed, and got in some family time. Oh, and apparently my grandma is starting to have virtual chats, wow she’s tech savvy! Memories, memories. <3
  • Work – I enjoy work, appreciate the opportunities, and love making an impact. Balancing an “always on” mentality vs spending quality personal time is important. I’m adapting, learning, and setting routines. Setting a space for work is important here so the lines don’t blur between leisure and work…it’s important to sustaining a healthy shelter at home life.

Totally knocked Week 3 out of the park! Cheers to Week 4. Cheers to April showers, bringing in May flowers!