Throwback Post: How To Become A Successful Intern

June 2005, I stepped into my first corporate job eager to learn, eager to start my career.  9 years later, I look back and I’m still that eager professional but just slightly older. My first year as an intern taught several great lessons–most of which I still remember today.  Here’s a tribute to my original […]

Full Circle in 7 Years at Hitachi Data Systems

I started this blog back in September 2005 with my first post about “Why Google Loves Weblogs.”  I had no idea social media would take off like it has and I’d still be blogging to this day in 2012. Why did I start blogging?  As a marketing intern at Hitachi Data Systems, I found a […]

It’s intern season again…why I feel different

Yep, it’s intern season again and my current company is hiring like crazy! HDS likes interns and is a big supporter of INROADS – which by the way is the organization that helped me get my job! I recommend it to everyone…even if you are in high school, you may still qualify. Anyways, this time […]

Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Went To College

I was talking to a good friend of mine (actually he called me to see how I was doing), and mentioned that perhaps I should write a Top 5 or Top 10. Well, its a good idea. This post is just a reflection of why I’m glad I went to college…by the way, it still […]

Starting my FIRST full time job at Hitachi!

Yep, the time is near…I graduated and now I am on the verge of starting my career. These past few weeks I have been jobless and homework-less, but now its time to start REALITY. Graduating from SCU after 3 long years and 1 quarter, I felt relieved, and ready to move on. Yet, now I […]

Top 10 Intern Goofs…”they” are watching us

My good friend Julio sent me a link to the Top 10 Intern Goofs.  The stuff in the article is pretty funny, yet come to think of it I know a few people like that!  As we all know, an internship is VERY important.  It is not just a summer job, but it can shape […]

College students prefer wikipedia, but is it ok?

Wikipedia, probably one of the first successful wikis to hit the internet, is cutting down on community involvement! Wikipedia now focuses "revises its anyone can edit" policy and laying down some ground rules. Is this a bad thing? Well, it does limit our involvement with wikipedia and it no longer is the same wiki it […]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Intern Blogging

Interns are facing some problems for blogging and even attracting some negative press.  But this does not mean that interns should not blog!  Blogging fosters several important characteristics that make a successful intern, scholar, professional, and person.   Yet, like everything else, there is a wrong way and a right way to intern blogging.  Fortunately, […]

Bay Area company seeks intern blogger to work with VP of Marketing

Out of curiosity I browsed through the job search in Craigslist and found an interesting post as a marketing intern for a silicon valley company.  As I looked further, this intern will have face to face communication with the VP of marketing and assist in a variety of projects.  WOW, what an ideal position for a marketing major currently […]

Reaching out…Interns & New hires WANTED

As an intern who has started working in Corporate America, I understand how difficult it can be to manage work, school, and life. The transition is not easy, which is why I am reaching out to ALL interns and NEW hires to form a network. As of late, intern bloggers have raised the question on […]