Facebook Usernames: What’s Going To Happen? SEO will…

UPDATE:  Dan Schawbel (as I suspected) sees facebook usernames as not just important, but required Facebook usernames are coming shortly…here’s your one and only chance to snag your own unique username.  Talk about Personal Branding?  I bet Dan Schawbel will be all over this.  What should your username be?  Will celebrities get their first dibs at […]

Categories & Tags: Most “abused” feature in blogs

Using tags and categories are easy ways for bloggers to expand their global reach, especially with sites like technorati.  Check out Andy’s Goode Life Blog for a good beginner’s write up on using tags. There’s a double advantage to having categories and tags:  one reason we’ve already talked about, but the second reason is to […]

Web Analytics Bare Essentials (Part 1)

Web Analytics, SEO, and SEM have increasingly become MUST KNOW TOPICS for all web professionals. Yet, quite a few out there still do not understand the importance nor the benefits of analytic tools such as Google Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture, etc. The following is taken from my own knowledge and research of Web Analytics…as I provide […]

Facebook is using feeds now!

Although MySpace is the most visited website in the US, Facebook is still adding more features to attract users. Jeremiah talks about how MySpace is a trend, not a fad, and how many doubted the success of MySpace in the beginning. Yet, Greg adds (in Jeremiah’s post) that Facebook “has great penetration at colleges and […]

Let’s get together and share our OPML’s

Web 2.0 is bringing the blogosphere together and forming online communities.  Blogs have been great at forming communities and now we can share our OPMLs (RSS subscription lists).  "Share My OPML" allows the online community to share feeds with anyone else.  Want to know what Robert Scoble, TechCrunch, Engadget, Tech.Memeorandum, and Techdirt are reading?  Just go to Share My […]

RSS Syndication: The User’s Vehicle

I've been doing a lot of thinking about syndcation, Jeremiah and I have had quiet a few discussions. Below are just some thoughts I have, but the most important is the questions I raise later. I'm really thinking about RSS and how it can benefit each aspect of business from the customer to the employee.. […]

Blogs: Why Google Loves Weblogs

Why Google Loves Weblogs? Reason One: Google Loves the Links in Weblogs A match made in heaven! Google loves links, and weblogs are all about links! Every time a blogger links to a website, its Google rank increases. If enough bloggers pile onto that link, it can start to have a significant impact on a […]