Apple Is Expanding Its Reach With The Help Of Target

It’s a good move for both Apple and Target, but it may help Apple a bit more.  As if Apple is not saturated enough, they’re moving in with Target (just like they have with Best Buy).  Apple prides itself on being “easy” …devices are easy to use, devices are easy to purchase and devices are easily integrated.

Apple has saturated the tech-savy generations and is moving in on the late bloomers.  Older generations have adopted an Apple lifestyle and now see themselves becoming tech savy.  Why?  Apple has made it easy…and fun to be a techy.  While other devices (Droids and HTCs) are taking up some of the market share, Apple still leads with their innovations. Don’t agree?  Just listen to the hype around Apple’s latest products.

The new collaboration will help Target expand its inventory and continue to attract new customers.  If I can purchase an Apple device easily at Target, I’m intrigued.  I can skip the long lines and hoards of people at the Apple Store and have a more pleasant purchase at Target.  Even better…if I can get tech help at Target stores for my Apple devices, I may never walk in an Apple Store again.

Time will tell, but its a good move.  It will be interesting to see what competitors do.  Microsoft already started opening up retail stores in malls too…what about the “others”?