Balancing Health and Fitness with Work and Life Balance – Step 2: Support System

Balancing Health and Fitness with Work and Life Balance – Step 2: Support System

Step 1 to balancing health/fitness with work and life is inspiration, Step 2 is finding the right support system. Support systems come in all shapes and sizes, but as long as you have something or someone to turn to when you’re ready to give up, that’s all you need.

In the previous post, I posted the 12 week inspiration that helped me through my journey, but I must have wanted to give into temptation at least 50 times. Don’t get me wrong, the temptation wasn’t always binge eating on fast food, at times it was indulging in cream for my coffee, choosing the bagel over fruit at a work meeting, that extra glass of wine, or skipping the gym just one time.

Small temptations, I know. To the average person they may seem “unhealthy” but one thing leads to another and I had to keep to the script. But, let’s face it, we are human and have wants/needs. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need personal chefs, trainers, or routines.

What makes up a support system?

  • Someone you can trust who won’t judge you
    • Let’s face it, you’ll get grouchy because eating right and working out is not necessarily the most glamorous way to spend your time. You just need someone who will listen, cheer you on, and keep you going
  • Someone who is not afraid to tell you “step away from that cookie”
    • Sounds funny, but it helps. Heck, even one of my team members has told me this and although I laughed, I stepped away from the cookie. Guess what I was doing 1 minute later? Not missing the cookie, I was laughing and remembering my end goal.
  • Someone who is also on their own journey
    • If they aren’t on their own journey it’s because they either 1) don’t care about fitness, or 2) are already perfect. Either way, this will only make it harder on you.
  • Someone who encourages you day in, day out
    • Getting up at 5am was a huge change for me, but every morning during my first 12 weeks, I had a text waiting for me telling me to get up and work it. It became a morning ritual of exchanging texts and before I knew it, I was up and ready to work it.
    • You’re going to drop off a bit and you need someone who will say, “well, that was a mistake. do better now” or “remember your goal.”
    • This person needs to have the ability to encourage you and have you not take offense to it.
  • You need to be 100% committed to the lifestyle – not a short term goal (summer time, vacation, new year’s resolution)
    • This is your new life. It’s about balancing health and fitness with work and life balance. Keyword = LIFE
    • It’s not about short term satisfaction, that won’t last. It needs to be life-altering. The new you.

Find your support system and get rollin. You’ll be happy you started and once it becomes a lifestyle, you’ll wonder why you didn’t started earlier.

You’ll love the way you feel – there’s no bigger high in life …

… well, maybe a slice of cake. Wait what? Come on Chris, snap out of it! 🙂