Facebook is using feeds now!

Although MySpace is the most visited website in the US, Facebook is still adding more features to attract users. Jeremiah talks about how MySpace is a trend, not a fad, and how many doubted the success of MySpace in the beginning. Yet, Greg adds (in Jeremiah’s post) that Facebook “has great penetration at colleges and by recent alums but not really anywhere else.”

This is true, despite opening up to a select few businesses, they have selected their target market and continue to penetrate it. Yesterday, I noticed they have incorporated “feeds” throughout their site. Here are some snapshots:

As a facebook user, I like this addition. I hope to see more web 2.0 technology in facebook very soon.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Give the users more power – let us decide which feeds we want
  • Let the users design their own homepage
  • Incorporate facebook feeds with feedreaders such as yahoo, google, feedburner, etc
  • Integrate photos with flickr – allow users to post images from flickr to facebook, add flickr options (tagging, descriptions, geo maps, etc)

What does everyone else think?