Empire Avenue “Portfolio View” Gets a Face Lift – ALL NEW VIEW

Empire Avenue, introduced to me by Jeremiah, has become a never-ending pursuit of brand awareness for “myself” (see my initial thoughts here).  I consider my online social identity (whether it be my last name, first name or both) to be my brand.  A brand that I care about, promote and keep enhancing through my social tools (blogs, twitter, linkedin, forums and social sites like empire avenue).  This is the same exact stance businesses should take, whether small or large, when participating in social business.  Their online perception is just as valuable as any other.  Which is why Empire Avenue is valuable and a necessity.

Empire Avenue is a social game that values every user (person or company) on their social interaction with the online community.  Several algorithms are set to put a value on an individual’s twitter, facebook, linkedin and youtube “worth.”  This worth is valued in “eaves” which is real life’s equivalent to dollars.  These eaves can be used to purchase other people’s stock, upgrades and luxury items for the game.  The idea is simple, the more quality conversations you have with your immediate and extended network, the higher your stock price will rise.  Notice I mention quality, don’t get this confused with quantity.

@dups and the Empire Avenue team have upgraded the “portfolio” component of the site and drastically improved the user experience (see screenshot above).  A few things to note right away”

  • Portfolio page uses the real estate of the page to provide a “quick glance” of one’s own portfolio mix (personal value + social feeds, value of shares own and in which accounts, and sorting) – perhaps the biggest change and what users will notice right away.  The changes are consistent with the overall look and feel, but still provides a fresh look
  • Quick and easy call to actions (buy/sell); these were provided before, but now its clear what this page will be used for.  Interesting that “buy” is in green…perhaps that is related to the color of money (dollars).  By the way, what is the color of eaves?
  • High level views on individual investments
  • Sorting is key to a portfolio and the capability here makes this page work and 100% useful
Now if you click on any one of your investments, the left side of the page automatically refreshes to give you the top details of that investment.  See screenshot below:
For this example, I clicked on “Mashable” and as you can see you are provided with a handy chart on how this stock is doing through the course of its life on #Eav and other key data values.  The new look and feel is a well-done upgrade that will continue to make this site sticky.
At this point, we just need enhancements made to the feeds pages and groups.  I’m sure they’re on top of it already by now.