Humanizing Digital Marketing with Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing and Humanizing Digital Marketing
Neuromarketing and Humanizing Digital Marketing
Humanizing Digital Marketing with Neuromarketing

“Consumers are statistics. Customers are people.” – Stanley Marcus, former President of Neiman Marcus

More and more as we look into how we market to consumers today and how to become better Digital Marketers, we overlook that we’re all the same. We share the same ancestral path and our brains have all evolved the same way. As retail moves online, “humanizing” Digital Marketing is our key to success. Neuromarketing helps bring together science with Digital Marketing to bridge the gap between creating campaigns that are “cool” and “useful.”

Consumers, customers, personas, target market are all terms that I commonly use. In most cases, these are interchanged with little thought, but we aren’t digging deep enough.

How do we effectively create brand awareness and market our products to spark a purchase decision?

  • Focus on innate human needs for “Persuasive Marketing“: safety, love, esteem, and self actualization
  • Identify what are the key influencers/motivators that affect purchase behaviors
  • Learn how the evolution of man has impacted our world today and apply that to your Digital Marketing tactics
  • Certain features of Digital Marketing cause humans to respond – what are those?
  • Connect the¬†unconscious triggers that are part of consumers and marketers
  • Pain keeps a social connection

Neuromarketing isn’t rocket science, but it’s more about how to get down to the basics of Digital Marketing. Before we dive into aesthetics of a picture or an ad, really identify what will MOVE the viewer.

How and what will give YOU chills? What needs are you solving?

Start there, THEN start planning your Digital Marketing campaign.