Is the “smart” Refrigerator with a built-in TV a good buy?

Update:  Here’s what I think in 2013…have my feelings changed?  Find out now!


You would think that me out of all people would like the idea of a TV in a refrigerator since I am a techy.  Yet, I have some experience with actually fixing household appliances, my father owns his own business, and we have found that the more bells and bistles on an appliance the more likely you will have problems.

These refrigerators are NICE and expensive, but does this really matter?

Here’s my analysis of what consumers think about from the initial research to the repair phases:

During the research phase people are looking for an appliance and have no clue what they want. So they find a range of refrigerators that are both cheap and expensive, but decide on visiting the nearest store.

During the buying or “selling” phase consumers are pursuaded into buying the more expensive refrigerator because the sales rep paints a nice picture. “With this, you have a built in TV for your convenience, your food will keep cool, and you can save space.  This is a must have for all kitchens!”

During the problem phase you are relatively happy with your appliance until it breaks down!  Your TV breaks and shorts out your whole refrigerator.  The repair will cost you $600, wow this is a lot! But remember you paid $2,500 for it…now you are stuck!

Here’s my recommendation: leave the computer technology to your computers. A refrigerator should only be used to keep your food cool/frozen…LEAVE IT AS IS. If not, you will face problems and regret your decision!

*All info here is based on my experience as an appliance technician*