It’s intern season again…why I feel different

Yep, it’s intern season again and my current company is hiring like crazy! HDS likes interns and is a big supporter of INROADS – which by the way is the organization that helped me get my job! I recommend it to everyone…even if you are in high school, you may still qualify.

Anyways, this time around, I feel different, because now I’m full time. No longer an intern, but I still feel a connection with them. In a way, I’m still learning and trying to adapt.

Yesterday, I gave a presentation about how to make the best out of their internship or “How To Become A Successful Intern” …

I hope I helped them out and gave them some good advice. I’m just trying to pass down my knowledge.

PS: I like giving presentations…I look forward to other opportunities in the near future. If something comes up, let me know.