Lunch at eBay was great – THANKS!

I had lunch at eBay the other day with a close friend of mine…THANK YOU!

Anyways, as an intern I do not have many opportunities to visit other businesses besides my current employer, so this was a new experience. I definately wanted to make a good impression, so I made sure to wear a suit and tie and I got my smile ready. But, I soon observed that eBay is a very informal company. Everyone was dressed in jeans and plain shirts, nothing fancy. This surprised me a bit since I am used to at least seeing people wearing "nice" clothes.

So, I walked into eBay with a shirt and tie and I felt good. Others looked at me like I was "someone" because of the way I dressed. This made me realize how appearances make a big difference. Yet, I am not talking about how others look at me, but how a professional appearance affects my productivity at work.

Wearing a suit and tie really keeps me motivated and makes me "hungry" for learning. My hunger for learning increases and I find myself liking my job. This is important for everyone, especialy us INTERNS. It's a known fact that some interns will get the "grudge" work, but we need to start somewhere. So what! YOU NEED TO STAY MOTIVATED! For me, it's dressing up like I am the CEO…one day I might be.

Besides, its difficult for interns to be remembered (especially our names), but even if I am remembered as the intern who always wears the suit and tie…that's good enough for me.

Rule of thumb: Always dress 15% better than everyone else!

If I were you, I would take every opportunity to visit another company so you can start your network and observe the rest of corporate america outside of your comfort zone.

With that said, anyone want to take me to lunch? To pay back the favor, I would gladly bring you to my company. In fact, we have a "4-star chef"…(as one of my close friends of work likes to say)…hahaha.

See you soon!