Reflection on my first blogging dinner in SF

To the left is a picture of ME at the blogging dinner. I am in the black shirt…

Take a look at all the fun we had at the blogging dinner! By the way, thanks Jeremiah for the picture!

Earlier, I posted my expectations and hopes for the blogging dinner. I went into the dinner with a strategic mindframe and being my first experience I was not sure what to expect. However, things changed and my game plan was a bit skewed.

Driving up to San Francisco I was picturing a fancy dinner in a big restaurant, yet it was nothing like this. Instead it was at a bar/lounge restaurant with very little room to sit down and have a "calm" conversation. Everyone was excited, standing up, shouting, and of course podcasting (Jeremiah).

I made some GREAT relationships with several people and the next time I will have some blogger friends. Here's all the interesting people that I met:

  • Martin McKeay who blogs at a few different places including the Podcast Roundtable and Computer World
  • Les Chui, a Marketing Chiropractor, is setting the stage for his industry! I am impressed with his progression in just a few short weeks! Great job!
  • Kristie Wells who works for BrainJams, a startup that "connects people, ideas, and resources." People, especially bloggers, are always looking for opportunities to collabortate and meet new people…excellent idea.
  • Mario Sundar who works for Navajo Advertising and Public Relations. Mario has some very interesting perspectives on Marketing that is worth reading. Although a relatively new blogger, he will take blogging to another level. Welcome!
  • Gregory Narain who works for Social Roots. Social Roots helps people take control of their writings and even offers some compensation in return.
  • Lastly, I met Robert M. Halper, who works for Johnson & Johnson. He did not necessarily have a blog, but his company would like to implement a blogging platform for their employees. I hope he was able to gather some information and/or resources.

The blogging dinner was FUN and SUCCESSFUL! I was able to mingle with other people and expand my own network. Thanks Jeremiah for the invitation, keep me updated with future events!

Also, my fellow intern buddy may start a blog as well. She is still figuring out what the purpose of her blog will be, but at least she is thinking about a BLOG. Many thanks to Mario for the Marketing…I mean encouragement! =)

Here's my goal for every blogging event I attend: Meet new people!

I realized thats really what is important. These are social events and I need to MEET NEW PEOPLE!