Samsung Smart TV Refrigerator – Apps On Your Fridge

samsung-smart-refrigerator-lcd-display-tvSamsung Smart TV refrigerators are the new trend now.  With apps on your fridge like twitter, pandora, weather, recipe books, wifi and smart notes, who can’t resist?  A few years ago in 2006, I wrote about if smart refrigerators were a good buy and although I still believe they aren’t the best product, they’re intriguing.

I can see value in displaying photos, weather, recipes and even shopping lists.  With today’s technology who has a pen and paper anymore?  Would be so easy to update the LCD on my refrigerator and have it synced with my phone (in real time?).  Rotating photos are a nice touch to any kitchen, especially for those who are tech savy.

But, what about maintenance/repair costs?  These refrigerators cost $3000+ and compared to a standard unit at $1500, you’re paying for the extra gadgets.  Extra gadgets means extra items that can break and cost you money in repair costs.  Electronics, in general, are expensive to fix and replace and what’s going to happen when your $3k refrigerator costs $1k to repair it?  Are you going to dump it and buy a new one?  Probably not.

These are all factors to consider, but if the Samsung Smart TV refrigerators develop a good reputation for reliability they will become more attractive–even for me.  In 2006 I advised to NOT buy these, but now in 2013 I say “proceed with caution.”  Hey, they’re growing on me now.