Skype and Comcast are new partners – What does this mean?

Looks like Skype and Comcast have partnered together and we can count on video calling coming to a TV near you.  This is exciting news as we’re finally seeing companies from different industries come together and provide value-add services.  We need more partnerships like this to keep paying customers happy.  Especially as more cost-effective ways to watch tv and use internet are introduced, this will only help justify spending money on luxury services like Comcast.

There are  few must haves if you want to take advantage of the new services:

  • HD Camera – another reason for us to spend money, but its a worthy purchase.  Video calling has been propelled into your living room; virtual holidays sound like a good idea now.
  • Skype-Comcast Services – not sure how much Comcast/Skype will charge, but I’m sure it will be yet another add-on.  Although Comcast may want to think about offering this service for free to help existing customers justify paying a hefty monthly charge for internet/cable services (rather than switching to cheaper online alternatives)
  • Cable Internet – fast internet connections are a must!  You don’t want a slow internet connection to keep you from quality family time.
  • OPTIONAL – HD TV – an optional item, but probably will become a requirement once users adopt the new service.  My guess is quality on HD tvs will look significantly better.  But with the drop in HD tv prices, I’m sure this wont be a problem for most consumers.
  • FUTURE MUST HAVE – Recording Software – Comcast and Skype must figure out a way to allow consumers to record video conversations and store them on their DVR or to the cloud.  But, I know people will want an archive of key video sessions to refer to later.  Its important and is a must have in phase 2.

Definitely some good news for these two companies and will hopefully keep existing customers happy and attract new customers.  Comcast is struggling as of late as competition heightens between satellite and other internet services such as Netflix and Hulu.  See the official Press Release here.