Skype + Google or Facebook?

Skype is currently shopping offers from Facebook and Google. Wow, Google was expected but Facebook? Good for them!

This acquisition will change the landscapes of so many things. Let’s take a look and what’s in store for the two companies:

If Facebook wins…
1. Facebook chat will be forever changed – we will be able to talk to any of our fb friends via video chat no matter what mobile device we have. Good bye apps like Tango that allow iPhone and droid users to chat

2. Skype will instantly maximize their product usage – the wide adoption of skype will be easy. Everyone is on fb, even grandparents. Integrating Skype will change how we communicate once again

3.  Facebook and Skype can be the next big team to change social communication – Theres no limitation to what is possible and we may even see new video advertisements on fb. Skype will benefit from Facebooks team and they will be able to figure out how to make Skype more social.

If Google wins…
1. Google will once again take a look over competition and show they are trying to take over everything – Monopolize the Internet? Not quite just put their stamp on just about anything on the Internet. Leaps and bounds this will put Google way ahead of everyone else.

2. Skype will have the forever success story of being bought out by Google – They may not benefit as much socially but in return they’ll get financial benefits . Google knows how to make money and this will help Skype optimize their business model.

3. The Google and Skype team may not be as fun than with Facebook but business-wise it’s a smart decision – I’m sure both teams will figure out how to squeeze the most success possible.

I’m rooting for an acquisition by Facebook. It will change our social communication and will set the stage for so much future functionality. Time will figure it’s way but I already got my vote!

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