Sony PlayStation Network Still Down! Future Backlash By Users?

Sony’s PlayStation network has been down for over 3 weeks and I begin to wonder how many users have backlashed.  Sure its suppose to be up in a few days but Sony will have to do some serious “makeup work” to get its users happy again.  This has not affected me much b/c of my busy schedule, but with millions of users worldwide, I wonder how many of those have moved to the xBox Kinect?

If I was on the fence between both consoles this would have been the time I would have jumped ships.  After all, whats the main difference between them?  Not much.  I know Sony was only trying to “protect” us from the malicious hackers (mainly GeoHot) who managed to break into the ps3, but perhaps the lesson they are trying to teach us is too harsh.  With Skype integrating with Microsoft (who owns xBox), the competition between the two will heighten.  Its what we’ve been waiting for.  Hopefully this will push Sony to make their products better and to stay innovative.  Up until now, they’ve just been sitting around and punishing us.

On another note, for my birthday I got the PS Move.  Cannot wait to play this with my friends…wait a minute…PS3 network is down, guess I’ll have to wait!

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