The Los Angeles Police Department blogs, what’s next?

This is definately an interesting find since it illustrats how blogging is changing and NOT just a fad. Although, blogging is not for everyone, I believe the LAPD can really benefit.

Just like any company, the LAPD now has the opportunity to connect with millions of people online and start a community. I wonder how many other police departments will join in?

Whenever I think of the police, I do not think internet.  Either way, police departments can easily harness the internet and use it to their advantage.  Especially since blogging could eventually become the prefered method of finding information (it already is for me).   

What are the implications of the LAPD blogging?

  • Blogging is now a new form of communication and is accepted
  • The LAPD wants to form relationships with their online audience
  • The blog can be used to post new "most wanted lists" or special news alerts
  • Time is changing…I predict that other police departments with join in

This is definately an interesting find. Blogging is almost mainstream, this is really a big jump.

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