“Blogging is ONLY for the ELITE (A-listers)” …NOT quite

This seems to be a hot topic as of late and I can definately see why. The battle is simply between those who think blogging is only for the elite and blogging is for everyone to engage in the conversation.

Some strongly believe that the elite bloggers who have all the right things to say make the blogosphere go round. In fact, the claim is that the blogosphere is losing key components of the online conversation because "we are not building some kind of governance into blogging. We're losing standards and rules. We're losing form. We're losing the opportunity to adopt widespread opinions."

What a bold move to say that we need to implement governance into blogging. Then what's the point of blogging? I thought blogging was about writing down one's thoughts (like a diary) to engage in an online conversation. Yet, others are telling the world that need a government body to monitor blogs…WHY, so we can articially control the content around the blogosphere? Sorry, but that ruins the point of a blog…looks like PR firms dont get it.

I am glad others agree with me, including Mike Sacks, who believes that everyone should have the right to blog and PR is: engaging in conversation with a target audience.

Take a look at Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, authors of Naked Conversations. The conversations that make the blogosphere go round should be UNFILTERED. We don't need a government body telling us what content we can and cannot post. THE BLOGOSPHERE IS ONE BIG CONVERSATION!

:sigh: Anyone else with me, Robert, Shel and a select few?