How To Become A Successful Blogger

I recently wrote about how to become a successful intern, since I am an INROADS intern, but Robyn Tippins thought it would be a good idea to write about being a successful blogger.

I will give this my best shot, but these are characteristics that I currently working towards since they seem to be prominent in most successful bloggers.

How To Become A Successful Blogger

  • Think PASSION, not numbers
    •  Some bloggers start off or eventually participate in the popularity/number contest–AKA your technorati rank
    • Numbers and Ranks are a distraction, instead write about your passion
    • Blogs written with passion are much more powerful, resourceful, and interesting 
    • Shel Israel, author of Naked Conversations, said we should join the conversation by listening FIRST–excellent advice!
    • Listen to what others have to say, start writing your own thoughts, comment on other blogs, and invite them to talk with you
    • Be a good listener and a good contributor
    • Keep your posts unique and resourceful
    • Add value to what has already been said and introduce new ideas and questions
    • Make your posts thought provoking, not just a summary of what's going on
  • Create TRUST
    • Shel Israel said blogging should be like:
      • "Two neighbors leaning on a fence talking about their interests"
    • Create trust by creating an informal and open global conversation
    • Invite others to agree and disagree with you
  • Enable comments
    • Comments are an important feature of blogs, enable them and help keep the conversation going
    • Positive and negative feedback are both good, don't worry
    • The best thoughts, perhaps some you did not think of, come from comments
  • Become the starting and ending point for all conversations
    • You want the conversation to start and end with you
    • First, keep up to date with global trends, news, and innovations and provide your honest opinions
    • Be enthusiastic and raise eyebrows
  • Network with other bloggers
    • Build relationships, do not just sit back and hope things will happen
    • Venture out in the blogosphere, meet new people, and build friendships
    • Commend bloggers for a job well done and help them become thought leaders as well

This is an on-going list that I will continue to update with YOUR COMMENTS!  I would really like your feedback for making this list the resource for all bloggers!