ADVICE: PlayStation Network (PSN) Outage Causing Struggles With Retail

A few days ago, I talked about users backlash with the PlayStation Network  and it looks like the predictions were right.  The month long outage is affecting retail sales and its not a good thing!  The top problem?  Users are beginning to trade in their PlayStations for Xbox 360s.  If I’m Microsoft, this couldn’t come […]

Facebook Photos Can Now Be Tagged With Fan Pages!

Techmeme broke the news…and its definitely newsworthy and a MUST know! Its awesome news for Fan Pages on Facebook of big brands like (Cola, Sony, Apple, etc) b/c all photos can now be linked to their respective Fan Pages.  See the image below, Coca Cola is tagged in a Facebook photo (photo taken from tech […]

GagaVille? Farmville and Lady Gaga’s New Project – Gamification!

The new Farmville spin-off will be online soon and guess which music super star is leading the way?  Lady Gaga…the new project will be called GagaVille.  The project will be launched next week, but already there is so much buzz around this. GagaVille will feature unicorns, crystals and of course Lady Gaga’s music.  GagaVille users […]

Is Apple REALLY The Most Valuable Brand?

Recent news has been surfaced that Apple has overtook Google and being the most valuable brand (Apple’s value is $153 Billion…wow!).  As expected, there are many skeptics, but overall is Apple the most valuable brand? Its definitely a difficult decision b/c the idea of being valuable to me probably is different to you. Princeton defines […]

Facebook Usernames: What’s Going To Happen? SEO will…

UPDATE:  Dan Schawbel (as I suspected) sees facebook usernames as not just important, but required Facebook usernames are coming shortly…here’s your one and only chance to snag your own unique username.  Talk about Personal Branding?  I bet Dan Schawbel will be all over this.  What should your username be?  Will celebrities get their first dibs at […]