Facebook Photos Can Now Be Tagged With Fan Pages!

Techmeme broke the news…and its definitely newsworthy and a MUST know!

Its awesome news for Fan Pages on Facebook of big brands like (Cola, Sony, Apple, etc) b/c all photos can now be linked to their respective Fan Pages.  See the image below, Coca Cola is tagged in a Facebook photo (photo taken from tech crunch, rights belong to them).

I see many ways that businesses can start using this to their advantage.  Almost anything and everything can be tagged now in any given photo.  Think about it…

Marketing and advertising is built on repetition and constantly pounding a particular brand into our brains.  Facebook is a social tool that some of use multiple times a day and what better way to get brands all up in Facebook wherever we look.  I see a lot of alliances being made and maybe brands should reward users who tag their brand X times.  Thats a real big incentive for us…otherwise, will I tag my Apple computer? Maybe, depends I guess.