Is Apple REALLY The Most Valuable Brand?

Recent news has been surfaced that Apple has overtook Google and being the most valuable brand (Apple’s value is $153 Billion…wow!).  As expected, there are many skeptics, but overall is Apple the most valuable brand?

Its definitely a difficult decision b/c the idea of being valuable to me probably is different to you. Princeton defines valuable as

…having worth or merit or value

“Value” is defined as

…the quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable

It seems that this award is highly subjective, although, no one can deny that Google and Apple are the top brands in today’s business world.  For me, value is something that is not a luxury, but a necessity; something that I count on every day.

More importantly, which brand could I live without?  Google.  Yes, I use Google’s search engine daily and even Chrome, but are there substitutes out there?  Pretty much; they may not be as good, but I can still get by.  Yahoo!’s search engine is ok and FireFox will get me through the day.

On the other hand, Apple, can I live without my iPhone or iPod.  Not a chance.  I use my phone daily for just about anything you can think of.  I’m not even counting how I depend on it for making phone calls (as I use only 200 minutes a month), but for texting, blogging, taking pictures, listening to music (iPod and Pandora) in my car, and for my day job.  I highly depend on Apple’s products, which to me brings value.

No denying Google is a top brand, but #1? No way.  As Apple continues to be the innovator and change how we use cell phones, they’ll remain on top.  Google can try and get into the “call” industry, but they’ll be one step behind Apple.