Community WiFi is “FON” Google and Skype AGREE!

Even though the US is one of the main leaders in technological development, other countries are starting to show off their innovations. Specifically, Spain is introducing a new internet WiFi concept called FON. The goal is to create a wireless network using a bottom-up approach. That’s right a bottom-up approach!

Basically, users buy a special FON router, which can be purchased from their website. Simply buy the router, set up your internet access, offer it to others, and you are now connected and able to share internet connection with any other FON user.

So, why are Skype and Google investing in this company? Skype offers anyone with an internet connection to have a voip conversation with another user for free or to non-users for a small fee. I have been using Skype, it's really a lot of fun.

Skype’s interest in FON, makes me believe that they want to expand their market and attract all internet users around the world. Especially since FON strives to build wireless community, Skype wants to join in this community too. Who doesn’t? I have!

Google on the other hand would probably benefit most from the AdSense. If FON continues to expand their community, all internet-capable devices will connect to the internet (laptops, PDA’s, desktops, cell phones, iPods?) and Google AdSense can play a significant role.

Think about this: you offer your internet connection to others through your router. Now everytime a user clicks on a Google AdSense you get some money in return. Basically it’s a win-win situation, you offer your wireless connection to other users, you have the benefit of using other connections, and you can earn money through Google AdSense.

Seems like a sweet deal! Let’s see what happens.

Why else would Google and/or Skype invest in FON?