Google’s Gbuy attack on PayPal? And Microsoft’s Expo?

Some speculation has been going around that Google is going to start their own payment service like PayPal. Currently Google offers a unique service called Google Base, that allows online users to post information about items of interest.

And the beauty of it, you can use RSS feeds to submit information. This will enable your blog and information to be searchable in Google Base and perhaps in the Google search.

But, this is not it, Google’s Base Blog, clearly states that users can buy items on Google base using their Google Account. These are some good signs of perhaps a new payment service creeping up on PayPal.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love PayPal, but there’s nothing better than a bit of competition to spark a little innovation. PayPal, currently owned by eBay, is probably the most trusted payment service for online auctions, with very little competition. However, this can cause PayPal to take the static route and stay put with their services and products. But, if Google comes along things could get interesting. It’s just a thought.

Microsoft to offer to their own payment service? There has been talk that Microsoft has their own online classified service called “Expo,” in which current employees have been buying and selling items of interest. Perhaps Scobleizer can shed some light on this.

This makes the internet even more exciting. What will they do next?

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