MySpace is “the” lifestyle brand, do you agree?

(To the left is just one of the many MySpace t-shirts for sale)
First, for some interesting statistics on how the MySpace audience is changing:

“Some 87 percent of users today are 18 or older; 52 percent are 35 or older”

52% of MySpace users are 35 and older…wow, that’s my parents’ generation! And, we thought they were not tech savy…time is changing!

In the article Will Fox Change MySpace, there is talk that MySpace could start selling Fox TV shows. Imagine that?

Despite all the shirts saying “Tom is NOT my friend” and backlashes against how sluggish MySpace is, I commend them for letting the users take charge. MySpace has evolved and is continuing to do so. In fact, its attracted several bloggers, including myself and Robyn Tippins.

Robyn even talks about MySpace starting their own newspaper, which is interesting to say the least. They are definitely trying to seek new mediums to reach their target market…which is becoming more difficult as the userbase continues to expand.

I’m beginning to think that MySpace is NOT a fad.