Netflix Now Supports select HTC, Samsung, and LG Phones Running Android OS

For a while, iPhone has been the only phone capable of running the official Netflix app until now.  Netflix has upped their game and are equipping HTC, Samsung and LG phones with a new Netflix app.  Since the Playstation network has been down lately, I’ve been relying on my iPhone for all my Netflix needs and its been more than helpful.

The app is perfect for those traveling and have quick breaks to catch an episode or two of their favorite shows.  What may be the best feature is you can pick up a show/movie from where you left off on your TV or computer (source LifeHacker)!  This is amazing and really innovative.

I know Comcast has been going through some media issues lately, but when will we be able to watch MyDVR shows on our portable devices?  This is when Comcast can start pulling away from competition and set the bar high.  Surprised this capability has not been rolled out yet.

Engadget also notes that iOS users can now use subtitle playback with the Netflix app.  Keep the features coming Netflix!

…maybe in your feature releases you can introduce a way for me to quickly share what I’m watching on Netflix to other friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t get me wrong I can do this on my own now, but seamless integration with those tools PLUS allowing me to send actual shows to my friends on Netflix?  That would be the real WINNER.