Full Circle in 7 Years at Hitachi Data Systems

I started this blog back in September 2005 with my first post about “Why Google Loves Weblogs.”  I had no idea social media would take off like it has and I’d still be blogging to this day in 2012.

Why did I start blogging?  As a marketing intern at Hitachi Data Systems, I found a mentor, Jeremiah Owyang, who at the time was a Web Manager and just starting to figure out Social Media.  I caught the bug and started to blog and continue the conversation from Jeremiah’s blog and his key contacts.  As Jeremiah’s intern, we launched Hitachi Data System’s social media program (blogs, forums, wikis).  Really…this was a life changing experience because I was an early adopter to new tools that would soon take over how the world communicates.  As a reward for working hard, Jeremiah congratulated me with a full time offer at Hitachi Data Systems!

Now, in 2012 I find myself still at Hitachi Data Systems and with my own intern.  In 7 years I went from being an intern to having my own intern and the chance to help shape someone else’s professional career.  I’ve come full circle and am proud of what I’ve accomplished in this short time at Hitachi Data Systems.

I’ve now reached a different point in my career where I am tasked with helping a fellow Santa Clara University Bronco succeed in Corporate America.  It’s going to be a fun few months!

By the way, as an intern, I wrote several resource blogs that helped me succeed…check them out here:  internship resources

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