TuneUp Heats Up Competition With Shazaam/SoundHound – How Can “Shazam” Declare Winner?

Techmeme reports that TuneUp is set to provide an unlimited song identification service for FREE (and with no ads).  TuneUp is already known for its ability to correct song titles and add album work and it looks like they’re trying to venture off into another vertical.  Perhaps providing the song identification service is their attempt to lure customers in and use they other services.  It’s a good idea (free advertisement for their total package of services).  Shazaam/SoundHound should get ready for some stiff competition.

In very similar news, Shazam (not to be confused with Shazaam) is setting the stage for a possible integration into one of these song identification apps.  IDB reports that it will now offer iPad support PLUS lyrics on your TV (via Airplay).  This sounds like a potential lead into the karaoke market.  The ability to stream lyrics to my TV or even iPad is a great luxury.    Shazaam, SoundHound and TuneUp should take note and think about an integration.

It makes sense…let me identify a song that I’ve never heard of or favorite, save it and allow me to display the lyrics later on my TV for friends and family.

First song identification app to integrate with Shazam (or something similar) will take significant market share.  The race is on!

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