How to Move Up at Your Company & the Corporate Ladder

success moving up at your company and in the corporate ladder
success moving up at your company and in the corporate ladder

Want to move up at your company and in the corporate ladder…but how do you do it?  Most people should always be thinking about ways to keep them relevant in a company and to keep moving up in an organization.  It’s not easy and needs to be earned, but how do you set yourself in the right position?  The steps to getting promoted may be different at each company, but what remains the same is the person’s attitude and work ethic.  Everyone should share the similar traits and attitude to put them in the right position to be considered for a promotion.  Keyword:  considered

The stars need to be aligned in order to move up at your company and in the corporate ladder, but here’s what you can do to put yourself in the ideal position:

  1. Work, work and work – This is the time that you should be working your hardest to show your worth in your organization.  Work efficiently and to the best of your ability so you develop those habits and prove you’re ready to move up in the corporate ladder and get your promotion.  Document “wins” and keep earning more.
  2. Get in the right mindset Do you want to be a manager?  Director?  Or even VP?  If so, “pretend” you’re currently in that role and ask yourself what would you do?  Upper management positions need to come up with their own ideas and if you can start contributing at that level, your management will take notice.  Act like you’re already a manager, Director or VP…become independent and produce results by creating your own opportunities and taking risks.
  3. Communicate with your management team – Let your managers know you are looking to advance in your career and share with them your short and long term goals.  Part of their job as managers is to help you advance in your career–use them as a resource.  If they know what you’re striving for they will be able to help put you on the right path.  Building the open-communication with your manager is key.
  4. Expand your network and reputation – Most often, managers constantly seek feedback from peers on your work.  How others perceive you does play an important role in your advancement.  Continue to expand your network and earn a good/honest reputation by working hard and producing results.  The more people that support you, the more qualified you become to move up at your company.
  5. Be ready to “prove” why you deserve the promotion – Make sure you have hard facts on why you deserve a promotion and how you’ve significantly contributed to your company.  Your manager knows this already but coming to the table organized and ready to provide examples of your success is a great way to prove by you’re ready to move up.

Advancing in your career is important and you should always be striving for the next big opportunity.  It’s not easy but can be done with hard work and perseverance.  Setbacks may occur but if you follow these steps you will align yourself to be next in line–before you know it, you will have taken several steps in the right direction.  If no promotion happens, at least you know you’re giving 100% and doing everything you can.

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