New “Web” Instagram Feed Is Live – What’s Missing Though? Functional #hashtags

Instagram Feed Facebook Web
Instagram Feed Facebook Web

Definitely looks like Instagram is working towards the mainstream audience and by their new “web feed” they take a big leap forward.  The look is appealing to newbies and definitely offers a good look into some of Instagram’s functionality, but not all.

At first glance, the new “profile web feed” looks VERY similar to Facebook profiles, which we would imagine since the tool is owned by Facebook.  Instagram is merely teasing the mass audience with this feed in hope to acquire new mobile users.  Here’s a look at the key features Instagram is offering on the web:

  • Likes:  We now have the ability to like pictures on the web, which is key to engaging new users.  Scroll bar makes it easy to browse through dozens of pictures in seconds.
  • Comments:  As you would expect, comments are enabled and this helps both ends of the user base.  Current users are always looking for more engagement, what better way than this?  For new users, this is Instagram’s way of sucking you in.
  • View Photo Page:  In a click of a button, you can easily view a user’s photo stream to view all comments/likes on a specific photo
  • Report Inappropriate Pictures:  Definitely a key feature to make sure images stay clean and safe for all audiences
  • Profile Page (screenshot above):  Current users have the ability to edit their profile on the fly and make changes.  Easy enough.

Instagram and Facebook are doing their homework and figuring out new ways to engage users.  Uploaded pictures are now part of everyone’s online identity which is very cool, but also alarming.  Now, many users will use caution when uploading new pictures–after all, anyone can see them now.

This is a giant leap forward, but what’s missing?

  1. Ability to upload photos via the web  – this IS intentional b/c its “all about producing photos on the go, in the real world, in realtime” but it may deter some users who want to both consume and produce on the web
  2. Integration with Facebook – this is a tough one, but we still have not seen any kind of integration with Facebook…will there ever be?  If Facebook can figure out how to integrate the two and it makes sense, this will be a game changer
  3. #hashtags – these are still present in pictures, but they are NOT functional on the web feed (mobile app they are).  We heard yesterday on Techmeme about the Super Bowl numbers, so we know how important #hashtags are.  The web feed is about “consumption” right?  ENABLE #HASHTAGS to help users consume data –its the future