iPhone Rumor: 4.6 inch display? So what, here’s what we REALLY need…

Several reports suggesting that the new iPhone will have a cool 4.6 inch display, while some have shot down this rumor.  It’s safe to say that a lot will be riding on the iPhone event that could happen in June or even July.  Whereas the the new iPad announcement was nearly a refresh, the iPhone event could be the first new REAL product announcement without Mr. Steve Jobs.

Rather than a bigger display that may look nice (although not needed, I’m perfectly fine with the current 4.5 height of the iPhone 4), I’m looking for other revolutionary features.  Apple is known for their innovation and we need to see it with the next iPhone.


Here are some of my must-haves for the new iPhone of 2012:

  • Newest quad-core processor (industry standard)
  • 3D camera at least 10MP (industry standard)
  • OLED + Glare resistant screen (for those summer days)
  • 40% increase in battery life compared to iPhone 4  (4G soaks up a lot more battery life than 3G)
  • 4G LTE (seems like the standard even though its not available everywhere)
  • Social Media widget for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp  (make social everywhere)
  • New, slick design (A MUST)

Aesthetically, when the iPhone 4 came out it was the prettiest new gadget in the tech world at the time.  Since then, several other devices have been introduced that look equally or even nicer than the iPhone.  Apple…you remember that having an iPhone has become an accessory–for some its a fashion statement just like a belt or a watch.  Make us proud Apple!

Obviously, we can’t help but hope for a new design.  Here are some concept designs that I deem worthy for the iPhone 5.  What do you think?