PlaceMe App – Cool or Scary? Your Privacy is Key

There’s a new iOS/Android app, PlaceMe, that will soon need to win the “privacy debate” in order for it to succeed – will it stand the test of time?  Robert Scoble says that this app will freak you out, but its the future.  Although, Scoble and Kevin Tofel are right, I’d argue that this app is the PRESENT.

The app uses all of the data that is captured ALREADY by iPhones and Androids and you better believe Apple/Google are already storing this data about us.  So really its nothing new, except for now “there’s an app for that.”

The premise of this app is pretty cool (not scary) since it uses anything innate within a phone to capture every place you drive to, order from or visit (home, work, school, stores and extra-curricular activities -> wink wink) without the need to check in–the cool factor = its automatic!  

[By the way, this app is FREE and available now in the iTunes app store]

There are a few key features that this app needs to either introduce or continue to build on:

  1. Reviews – Enhanced integration with Yelp!  This will help me favorite places that I’ve been to based on Yelp reviews OR write quick reviews for places I’ve visited (without a need to remember the name of the location…What was that place called again?) + AUTOMATED ALERTS that pop up if I drive by a location that fits my defined Yelp criteria (example:  restaurants with 4 star rating and two $$ symbols)
  2. Deals – Integration with deal sites like Living Social and Groupon.  Again, based on my location that is already gathered, being able to provide me with deals that are relevant to my tastes and preferences.  What better way to increase my likelihood of buying a Groupon + NOTE TO GROUPON, reach out and integrate with this app…I’d use you more
  3. Favorites – Give me the ability to favorite AND group a location I visited.  Imagine having a list of favorite destinations by:  Top Places to GrubFavorite Romantic Hot SpotsUnforgettable Wine Tastings
  4. Suggestions – Based on my favorites and defined criteria suggest new places for me to visit.  This can range anywhere from restaurants, bars or shops + ESPECIALLY VALUABLE WHEN TRAVELING, so many times I’m traveling to different cities and have no idea where to go…this app can solve that problem for me
PlaceMe could be THE app that changes how we interact with our phones and find new places to visit.  It could be a game changer and make privacy an irrelevant issue.  Heck, this app could be my new travel agent!  Or, the public at large might be too scared and instead backlash–but just remember, Apple and Google are already storing this information about you so its nothing NEW.
Here’s a demo of the app…check it out!  By the way, the app is free!

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