Rebecca Blood asks, “Why a Weblog?”…Here’s my answer

Rebecca Blood, author of "The Weblog Handbook," is a prominent blogger and has a lot to say about "how to" blog.  But, in her recent book, she answers the question "Why a Weblog?"

Yet, I am still curious why the MySpace generation has not yet adapted to a business blog.  I would think it would make it easier to transition to the corporate world (at least it has for me). 

Here's my GOAL:  I want to help all interns and new college grads adapt to the corporate world using blogs as a way to network and start thinking business.  I believe it has helped me tremendously, so I want to spread the word!

I know what you are thinking, out of all things, WHY A WEBLOG?  Using Rebecca's book, here's why:

Weblogs build better writers.  Rebecca notes there is no special formula for writing well, but writing.  I strongly believe that blogging has helped strengthen my writing skills, which reflects well at my university and in my internship.  This is the FIRST reason why interns/new college grads should have a blog.

Weblogs build self-awarenessAbsolutely! My blog has helped me understand who I am, and how I think.  Although this may sound weird, this is very important for future planning.  With this knowledge, I have been able to carve out my career path as I see it now, through my blog.  All interns/new grads feel lost and have no clue what career to follow, but a blog can help.

Weblogs build critical thinkers.  All throughout school, we are "forced" to become critical thinkers.  However, the difference here is I am analyzing something that I am passionate about–the Web.  At the same time, I am enhancing my ability to analyze situations and create conclusions.  Everyone needs this skill and blogs allow us interns to strengthen this skill.

Weblogs build reputations.  The content that I write in my blog reflects who I am and therefore I am creating my own reputation and my own brand.  My blog is my own personal brand that will eventually build my reputation. Building a strong reputation is key to succeeding in business and blogs initiate this process.  

Rebecca's book has helped me realize how much blogging has contributed to my success as an intern and I am confident it will help me once I dive into the corporate world. 

Clearly, all will benefit from blogging, especially the MySpace generation as they step foot into a corporate environment.

Now I ask you the question:  "Why a Weblog?"  or "Why do you blog?"