Scrapblog is still missing a few things…I want more!

There’s been a lot of hype about Scrapblog and how its new and improved, and a powerful online media experience, but I want more. I guess I’m right around the target age for this (or maybe a little older), and although its favorable, I’m still waiting for a few more features. Of course this is coming from user/customer perspective….I just asked myself, “what would I want?”

Want #1: Combine forces with PayPal and provide users with the opportunity to actually turn these online scrapblogs into real, tangible scrapbooks. Yah, I like the concept of adding to MySpace, Blogger, etc, but having the ability to actually create a tangible product would be awesome! Let’s go above and beyond…and instead of creating a powerful online media experience, lets create the ULTIMATE media experience. And, I’d even pay a premium price for this as well. Of course this means having to join forces with a print company, but maybe Walmart photo or even Yahoo! Photos/Flickr can provide some assistance.

Want #2: Now this is a long shot, but is scrapblog mobile? I know so many people who take pictures with their camera phones. Aren’t pictures from camera phones now showing up in better quality? I’d have to agree! Sometimes, I forget my camera and there’s that one moment when you just happen to catch something with your camera phone, but its stuck there. Without a memory card or fancy cords to put it on your computer, its basically stuck there. Imagine what value it would add if I could send it directly to Scrapblog!

Want #3: Similar to what Flickr has with its comments, it would be awesome to create call-outs in the pictures. Now, I can really turn this Scrapblog into a scrapbook! Call-outs and comments make these types of things more memorable, fun, creative, and original! Pretty sooon everyone will have the same layout and transitions, but not comments! In fact, I can see myself reading these blogs just to see what people say. Wouldn’t you?

Want #4: Is there tagging? Ah ha, wouldn’t it be awesome if I created a Scrapblog of my recent trip to Vegas, tagged it…so others can see as well? Then pretty soon when you search for the tag “Vegas” you’ll see several different Scrapblogs from Vegas. Awesome! WAIT, I forgot, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. hahaha. Well, at least thats what we thought right?

Now these are just some thoughts that I’m sending out there…especially to Shel, he asked for our comments. Now, I need to take Scrapblog for a test ride…so forgive me if some of these features are already implemented…but if not, perhaps one of them might be a good idea.