Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Went To College

I was talking to a good friend of mine (actually he called me to see how I was doing), and mentioned that perhaps I should write a Top 5 or Top 10. Well, its a good idea. This post is just a reflection of why I’m glad I went to college…by the way, it still hasn’t kicked in yet that I’ve graduated. Here’s to my first fun post… =)

Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Went To College

1. No more homework: Aha! Sigh of relief! Several years and years of homework is no fun! Yet, as much as I hate to say it, the grunt homework, errr I mean homework, helped me learn and prepare for tests. I’d say that it is now equivalent to blogging, except for blogging is fun. Blogging helps me learn about business and in some ways helps me prepare for what I face in the corporate world. Especially, blogging as an intern, I got first hand experience with business professionals, which made me one step ahead of some of my colleagues.

2. I learned how to learn! Because of school, I learned how to study, learned how to analyze problems, learned how to manage projects, and most of all I learned how NOT to give up. Everything in the beginning seems difficult because there are so many uncertainties and potential detractors. Yet, planning ahead and learning how to overcome these problems is what’s important in order to succeed. This knowledge and experience has and will continue to help me as I grow in my career and face everyday work dilemmas.

3. I met some great people…*blushing* Yes, there’s also that other aspect of going to school called the “College Life.” Although I wasn’t much of a partier (instead I spent my time soaking up knowledge from Jeremiah and blogging), I still made time to meet new people at Santa Clara University. No, I didn’t join a frat, but instead I made a few good friends that I will probably keep in touch with for a while, including my girlfriend (FYI that’s why I’m blushing).

4. No school = No Blogging = No Job = No $$$ Of course, if it weren’t for going to school, I probably would not have the job that I have now. Further than that, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into INROADS and I probably would not be blogging right now. I was referred to INROADS by a friend, I joined, and started working at Hitachi Data Systems. However, if it wasn’t for school, I would not have heard about INROADS and I would not have been able to get my job here at Hitachi. Now working full time, I have the opportunity to make some money, but I’ll probably be paying loans for the next 10 years of my life.

5. Without school, I wouldn’t have the same opportunity to reach for the sky! College has provided me with the pathway to reach for the sky. Of course, I would still be able to without college, but its just made it easier now. I am now equipped with the knowledge, added with my will to learn, plus the need challenge myself…I’m reaching for the sky and never stopping. I want to learn anything and everything…I want to constantly improve who I am as a person, scholar, and businessman! For me the sky is not the limit…its the UNIVERSE!

So how’s that as my Top 5 for going to College?

What do you have to add (if you can remember going to college, haha, im just kidding)?

I’m curious to see what you have to say…