Top 10 Intern Goofs…”they” are watching us

My good friend Julio sent me a link to the Top 10 Intern Goofs.  The stuff in the article is pretty funny, yet come to think of it I know a few people like that! 

As we all know, an internship is VERY important.  It is not just a summer job, but it can shape one's career in just a few short months–look what it has done for me.  My career path has definately been carved and now its up to my determination for success. 

Although, the article has some good "goofs"

I would like to offer my own "No, Nos"

  1. MySpace – It is difficult to resist, I know!  But, at try to wait until EARLY in the morning or during off hours!  Keep in mind, if someone sees you on MySpace…big "uh oh!"
  2. Personal phone calls – Your boss does not want to hear about the cool party last night, or how much you think him/her is cute!  Go outside, or wait until lunch. 
  3. Instant Message – I am 50/50 on this one. I use yahoo/google to talk with other co-workers, but AIM…I am scared.  Try  it combines all 3 plus MSN.
  4. Surfing the net – It is so easy to get distracted and look at the latest gossip, but this is definately a sign of laziness and manager's dont like that. You are wasting their dollars
  5. Too much of a social butterfly – Networking is good, but talking to someone every other minute is NOT!  Again, your intern is for you to work, not socialize.
  6. Drinking too much – Yes, sometimes you may go to dinner with co-workers, you will have a drink, but do not get drunk!  They are testing you, even if they say its okay, dont listen.  Have your drink and use the "I have to drive home" excuse
  7. Dressing to casual – It does not matter if everyone else is wearing ripped up jeans, still dress to impress.  Here's my rule:  Dress 15% better than anyone else.  So what if you get teased, at least they recognize you!  No shorts, no short skirts, no sleevless shirts, no sandals, etc
  8. Think before you speak – I have done this way too many times.  I get excited or forget who I am talking to and actually say what I am thinking.  NOT GOOD!  Think before you speak because it will save you embarassment.
  9. Getting too personal with anyone at work – Sometimes it is inevitable, but try to refrain from dating a co-worker.  This will make things complicated…what happens if you have a fight?
  10. Do not talk salary or wages – Yes, this was my first rookie mistake:  "How much do you make an hour"…don't ask anyone how much they make.  That is confidential information…again dont get too personal. Keep it business!

These really apply to anyone who works in corporate.  Although everyone knows not to do it, we still do!  So keep these in mind at work, print them out and tape them to your board. 

Now you are wondering how to I become a successful intern or employee?  Here's how!

So did I miss any "goofs"  feel free to talk back.  What have you seen in the office that is an absolute NO NO?