I’ve been away for a long long time…

Yes, I know that I have been away for a long time, practically the whole summer. But, rest assure, I have not vanished, rather I have been focusing on my career and of course enjoying my last year as a student.

I am approaching the last days of my summer internship and I can’t help but think about everything I have learned. From my trials and tribulations, I believe I have grown as an individual and as a professional–which is the goal. And, I hope my employer sees this as well!

Now for the good news…*drum roll please*


I landed a full time offer at my current company!

This has been my dream since I started my college career and now I am living it. The hard work is not done, but instead its just beginning. But, I am proud to say that my intern years are over and I am soon stepping into becoming a true businessman.

One more obstacle stands in my way…I need to finish my last quarter at Santa Clara University. I will be graduating 2 quarters early! woo hoo! Then, I start my next journey.

So after a long absence, I am back and ready to move into my professional career.

Here’s what to look for from me:

  • How to land a full time offer
  • Incite Insight on picking the best career for you
  • Reflection and lives notes from future web conferences
  • Business strategy (marketing, web, advertising, etc)
  • Future Podcasts
  • Video Blogging

Wow, does it feel good to be back~