Apple’s Time Is Now – Do or Die

Who is the leading mobile company for consumers?  Is Apple still the biggest force in the industry?  Short answer for both questions:  not sure.  Now, more than ever, it’s unclear who has the competitive advantage between Google and Apple.  Apple’s iPhone used to be the “coolest” phone available–it became an accessory that everyone needed to […]

PlaceMe App – Cool or Scary? Your Privacy is Key

There’s a new iOS/Android app, PlaceMe, that will soon need to win the “privacy debate” in order for it to succeed – will it stand the test of time?  Robert Scoble says that this app will freak you out, but its the future.  Although, Scoble and Kevin Tofel are right, I’d argue that this app […]

What’s the #1 Phone at AT&T and Verizon? Hint: It’s not RIM

A survey was completed over the course of 3 weeks with 250 AT&T and Verizon stores in hopes of discovering what phone is the #1 seller.  Possible phones in the running were Blackberry (RIM), Windows, iPhone, Droids and HTCs. Discussions of the results can be found on techmeme.   Here’s a summary of the results […]

Netflix Now Supports select HTC, Samsung, and LG Phones Running Android OS

For a while, iPhone has been the only phone capable of running the official Netflix app until now.  Netflix has upped their game and are equipping HTC, Samsung and LG phones with a new Netflix app.  Since the Playstation network has been down lately, I’ve been relying on my iPhone for all my Netflix needs […]

Is Apple REALLY The Most Valuable Brand?

Recent news has been surfaced that Apple has overtook Google and being the most valuable brand (Apple’s value is $153 Billion…wow!).  As expected, there are many skeptics, but overall is Apple the most valuable brand? Its definitely a difficult decision b/c the idea of being valuable to me probably is different to you. Princeton defines […]

iPhone iOS 4.3.3 – Hit or Miss? + Jailbreak Info

The new iPhone iOS has been out for a few days now and I’ve had some time to use it extensively (during Altimeter’s Roundtable last night) and have the phone on standby to test a lot of features including the battery life.  The previous versions of the iOS (4.3.1 and 4.3.2) have been terrible.  Several […]

Apple and Verizon Will Offer “over-the-air” iOS Updates!

Verizon has been looking for the competitive advantage over AT&T and although “better” cell phone service could be one factor, offering OTA iOS updates is a big win.  Apple seems to release new updates once or twice a month and its become a pain to use iTunes; mainly because I’m never by my main computer […]

Airlines – First was WiFi, Now There’s Video Streaming

WiFi is not enough, American Airlines is looking to add paid-for online video streaming services.  This is great news and a good start for airlines to enhance the travel experience for many travelers.  First step was WiFi, next step is bringing on-demand movies, music videos, tv shows to the palm of your hand (literally).  I […]